sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010

PSGradePIC Updated

I have updated PSGradePIC with the source that the PS3Break Team sent me. Now the code is "simpler" and it fits perfectly in PIC18F2450.

I have also added a "Make.bat" for those who haven't set up Cygwin,

Source Download: zip | tar
Compiled Download

EDIT: I've updated the links of PSGradePIC. Thanks to iLLNESS & skygunner @psx-scene now it works with a 100% of success.

Cheers, Noltari.

He actualizado el PSGradePIC con el source que me mandó el PS3Break Team. Ahora el código es mucho más "simple" y cabe perfectamente en los PIC18F2450.

También he añadido un "Make.bat" para aquellos que no han configurado Cygwin.

Source Download: zip | tar
Compiled Download

EDIT: Actualizados los enlaces del PSGradePIC. Gracias a iLLNESS y a skygunner @psx-scene ahora funciona el 100% de las veces.

Saludos, Noltari.

4 comentarios:

  1. Ola,

    compiled download link don't work...

    Anyone have tested it with maxminus avrusb 1.2 32kb?

  2. Try the new release and if it doesn't work post here again.

    Regards, Noltari.

  3. this works for pic18f2550/4550?

    how about bluray playback, i've read theres been issues with that

  4. All the code on this blog works on PIC18F2550,4550.

    About Blu-Ray issues it has been prooved that it isn't a payload issue. It depends on the model of your console (it fails in every console with 256 Mb NAND, but succeds in consoles with 16 Mb NAND falsh).

    Regards, Noltari.