miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

New PSGrooPIC Compilation

Hi guys!

PSGrooPIC-PL3: I've compiled the latest PL3 version that adds support for firmware 2.70 and fixes firmware 2.76 support.
PSGrooPIC-Hermes: I've fixed the port 1 issue and increased the maximum payload size.

P.S: I know I should have done this before, but I have been busy with exams and with PSGradePIC.

Regards, Noltari.

EDIT: I've updated PSGrooPIC-PL3 adding firmwares 2.60 and 2.53 support, and PSGrooPIC-Hermes fixing a bug in port 1 size.

¡Hola gente!

PSGrooPIC-PL3: He compilado la última versión del PL3 que añade soporte para el firmware 2.70 y completa el soporte del firmware 2.76.
PSGrooPIC-Hermes: He arreglado el problema del puerto 1 y aumentado el tamaño máximo del payload.

P.D: Sé que tenía que haber hecho esto hace tiempo, pero he estado liado con exámenes y con el PSGradePIC.

EDIT: He actualizado PSGrooPIC-PL3 añadiendo soporte para los firmwares 2.60 y 2.53, y PSGrooPIC-Hermes corrigiendo un bug en el tamaño del puerto 1.

Saludos, Noltari.

7 comentarios:

  1. Hermes doesn't work for me. I have a PIC18F2550.

  2. Redownload the new version (3), the version you tested had a bug.

  3. I have downloaded last version today,but i cannot compile:
    Header default_payload_2_70 generated.
    Header payload_dev_2_70 generated.
    Header payload_no_unauth_syscall_2_70 generated.
    PL3/default_payload_2_60.bin: No such file or directory
    PL3/payload_dev_2_60.bin: No such file or directory
    PL3/payload_no_unauth_syscall_2_60.bin: No such file or directory
    make: *** [payloads] Error 254

    PS3@PS3-PC /cygdrive/c/Users/PS3/Documents/GIT/PSGrooPIC

  4. Now compiling working, fixed by kakaroto:
    Added support for 2.53 firmware. Fixed RESIDENT_AREA_MAXSIZE for 2.60 firmware.

  5. Yeah, I introduced 2.60 firmware compatibility before kakaroto had accepted the merge of superg's PL3.

  6. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  7. I still get Hermes not working, and this time with PL3 the LED blinks and then shuts down instead of keep light up.